CPG Team


Henning Glaser
Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Thammasat University


Dr. Duc Quang Ly
Project Manager

Dr. Lasse Schuldt
DAAD Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Thammasat University

Jan Kliem
Senior Program Officer & Researcher

Suttiluk Jongudomsuk
Senior Administrative Officer

Venus Phuangkom
Event Manager, Program Coordinator

Oranun Tansitthipun
Public Relations / Research Officer

Sirima Sirimattayanan
Office Manager

Research Associates

Kerry Gershaneck
Senior Research Associate

Shavaorn Wongcom
Research Associate

Julien Monnet
Junior Research Associate

Abhishek Mohanty
Junior Research Associate

Legal Clerks and Interns

Alessandra von Piechowski
Legal Clerk

Dustin Bartz
Legal Clerk

Nadine Menzl

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