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Asia in Review

Asia in Review is a news review of recent happenings in the region. Through this newsletter, we wish to gather and share the most important news with you, in case you missed some. It is published in cooperation with the Asian Governance Foundation.

The newsletter contains references to articles published in online newspapers, journals, and blogs. It covers background analyses, opinion pieces, comments, and recent developments in public law & human rights, security & peace studies, and governance & compliance.

We constantly monitor online news sources throughout Southeast Asia (including the ten ASEAN countries plus Timor-Leste), East Asia (China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan) and South Asia (India and Pakistan in particular) to collect the most relevant articles for you. Moreover, we scan international journals and blogs for in-depth reports and background analyses.

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Feel free to browse the archive below. We hope that you enjoy reading, and we are looking forward to receiving your feedback.

Law & Politics in South, Southeast and East Asia

In cooperation with the Asian Governance Foundation

Collection 2017

CPG has compiled, ordered and categorized all Asia in Review issues of 2017 in an annual volume, the AiR Annual Issue, Vol. 1, 2017, available here (PDF).

Ordered by country or topic this resource offers access to more than 1,500 links to news on constitutional politics, law reform and human rights in Asia as well as Asia’s newly emerging order, geopolitics and security issues in the three greater region’s covered by AiR: South Asia, Southeast Asia and Asia. The document contains an interactive table of contents.

Editorial Team

Henning Glaser, Jan Kliem, Duc Quang Ly, Lasse Schuldt, Coline Chaptal, Abhishek Mohanty