As the world’s center of gravity is shifting eastwards towards the Indo-Pacific, keeping up to date with what is happening in Asia and understanding all the issues, from various angles, has never been more taxing, or more important.

Addressing the ever-growing demand for reliable information, our insider format Asia in Review is set to be expanded both in terms of features and thematic scope, with the aim to create a trusted and impartial platform that provides context and clarity for the intersecting field of law and politics in Asia.


About the new Asia in Review

In combining four distinct channels, the new Asia in Review provides scholars, think tankers, government officials, business executives, journalists, and the interested public with an authoritative and steady intellectual resource.

The linchpin of these four channels is Asia Weekly, a curated news review designed for readers who require a regular, comprehensive summary of the most critical political and strategic developments. More than a news digest, this weekly compilation links current events to medium- and long-term geopolitical trends helping its readers to keep abreast of events and form their own opinion of the latest issues.

Adding depth and context to breaking stories, Asia in Depth is a platform for the publication of original commentaries, essays, policy papers and interviews on current developments or long-term trends in Asia. It strives to generate debate, uncover new questions, challenge readers, and inspire continued exploration.

A professional networking platform, the Asia Forum publishes job openings, events, and other opportunities such as scholarships and grants, both in Asia and internationally. What is more, it also provides an invaluable repository of experts and institutions to help finding researchers and collaborators in a chosen field of expertise.

Finally, our constantly growing Archive greatly facilitates in-depth research on particular regions/topics and allows to identify the larger trajectories that shape legal and political realities in Asia.


Join us

Are you interested in the intersecting field of law and politics and want to help producing an unmitigated and balanced picture of the issues, events, and forces shaping Asia? There are plenty of ways you can get involved with us!

Possible contributions as a member of the team behind the Asia in Review range from reviewing and writing entries, soliciting contributions, conducting interviews, organizing online events, and creating infographics to observing job markets, events, calls, and new publications, as well as to outreach to possible partners and generating advertising revenues.

Depending on your skills, abilities and career interests, you may choose between the three roles below, each of which allows you go get involved with a particular platform within the Asia in Review.(click he

It is not expected that all applicants will possess a strong understanding of the intersecting field of law and politics. If you come from a different academic area but would like to contribute your skills and creativity to the development of our platform, you are welcome!

Interested students and recent graduates may apply for the Asia in Review internship, which is designed to serve as a steppingstone for potential members of the team behind the Asia in Review.


Why getting involved

Through assisting in the development and maintenance of this digital institution, team members will have the opportunity to interact and engage with the public in a new way, as well as pursuing their intellectual interests outside the university system.

While you bring the passion and skills, we will provide the opportunities and mentorship to continually improve and increase your abilities in your journey with us. Moreover, you can expect to be given ample opportunity to put your newly acquired knowledge and skills into practice.



To apply, please send your application to Ms. Venus Phuangkom (careers@cpg-online.de).

Within that email – in less than 500 words – please Tell us what we need to know about your academic past/present/future plans and what type of content you would like to work on. We appreciate a focused application highlighting your interest/developing expertise in a specific area/country.

We will respond to every application as soon as we can. Usually this is within 10 working days of receipt of your application, though at busy times it can take longer.