As the world’s center of gravity is shifting eastwards towards the Indo-Pacific, keeping up to date with what is happening in Asia and understanding all the issues, from various angles, has never been more taxing, or more important.

Addressing the ever-growing demand for reliable information, our insider format Asia in Review (‘AiR’) is set to be expanded both in terms of features and thematic scope, with the aim to create a trusted and impartial platform that provides context and clarity for the intersecting field of law and politics in Asia.

In combining four distinct channels, the new AiR provides scholars, think tankers, government officials, business executives, journalists, and the interested public with an authoritative and steady intellectual resource.

Asia Weekly

The linchpin of these four channels is Asia Weekly, our classic overview of strategic developments and crucial events in Constitutional Politics, Human Rights, International Relations & Geopolitics, and Security & Defense in East, South, and Southeast Asia.

Asia in Depth

Asia in Depth is an open access platform providing researchers, scholars, and practitioners with a forum to publish in a broad range of formats on crucial events or long-term trajectories in all areas of interest to AiR.

The aim is to add depth and context to breaking stories, with an Internet-quick turnaround between submission and publication. To this end, we also accept the submission of publication announcements to help your article or book getting maximum visibility and readership.

Further information can be obtained from the Editors-in-Chief at publications@cpg-online.de.

Asia Forum

A professional networking platform, the Asia Forum publishes job openings, events, and other opportunities such as scholarships and grants, both in Asia and internationally.

The Asia Forum also provides two constantly growing databases designed to help journalists, industry partners and those looking for expert witnesses find the specific expertise they need, help experts spread the word about their subject matter expertise, and, for academic institutions, build a strong brand and media presence.

We proactively source relevant new entries, but if you represent an organization that would like to advertise an event, job, or any other opportunity on this page, you are encouraged to get in touch. Regardless of sector, location (Asia or international) or size of organization, all organizations are welcome to submit their opportunities.


The Archive greatly facilitates in-depth research and allows to identify and track the people, policies, and power centers that shape legal and political realities in Asia.

Whether you are a researcher, historian or you simply want to know more about a particular region or topic, our Archive is a great starting point.

As we continue our work on this new digital institution, we invite you to submit your thoughts on the platform and suggestions for what you might like to see on the website. As always, you can write to us at contact@cpg-online.de, or on Twitter: @CenterCpg


Join Us

Are you interested in the intersecting field of law and politics and want to help producing an unmitigated and balanced picture of the issues, events, and forces shaping Asia? We want to hear from you!

We encourage you to read through this page to learn about the roles you may take on.

1. Asia in Review Volunteering Program

AiR offers many editorial and non-editorial positions as part of its Volunteering Program. These roles greatly contribute to the operation of the platform for the benefit of its readers, contributors and partners.

To help you get an idea of the ways in which you could get involved, we have crafted three draft position descriptions, each of which brings with it a particular set of responsibilities and activities. 

Why get involved?

Working for AiR will provide you with excellent learning and career development opportunities to propel you into your future career with confidence.

Although AiR membership is a valued credential for academic practice or career development, members of the Editorial Board gain much more:

  • The opportunity to broaden their academic connectivity around Asia and further afield,
  • leads on professional opportunities,
  • the benefit from the analytical and writing skills they develop through the AiR’s experience,
  • the opportunity to publish their own work,
  • the experience of supervision or mentorship by world class experts in the field,
  • and the satisfaction of having made significant contributions to a serious digital institution.

It is not expected that all applicants will possess a strong understanding of AiR’s areas of interest. If you come from a different academic area but would like to contribute your skills and creativity to the development of our platform, we encourage you to apply.

We will consider extracurricular activities, editorial potential (including any legal publishing or general publishing experience as authors, editors or both), diversity of background and the applicants’ ability to co-operate with the existing Editorial Board when selecting candidates to interview.

However, a genuine interest in working with us, and the willingness to learn, will be critical.

Also, if applying, you should be able to dedicate an equivalent of five hours or more each week. While the minimum duration of your commitment may depend on the position you apply for, it should be at least for six months.

How to apply

To apply, please send an email to Ms. Venus Phuangkom (careers@cpg-online.de).

Within that email – in less than 500 words – please tell us what we need to know about your academic past/present/future plans and what type of content you would like to work on. We appreciate a focused application highlighting your interest/developing expertise in a specific area/country.

We will respond to every application as soon as we can. Usually this is within 10 working days of receipt of your application, though at busy times it can take longer.

2. Asia in Review Internship

Tertiary students and recent graduates who seek academic connectivity, experienced mentorship and a potential steppingstone to future professional opportunities may consider applying for the Asia in Review Internship.

This internship is designed explicitly to allow flexible contributions based on the free time you have between other activities, such as exams and heavy assessment periods. But, if applying, you should have at least five hours to spare each week, for a minimum total of eight and up to 12 weeks.

Please note that due to the relative brevity of the internship, tasks may be assigned on a flexible basis, depending on the intern’s skills and interests, and AiR’s current needs (for example, if we anticipate undertaking a large project that will require intern assistance).

For more information on the general terms of the internship and how to apply, please visit the CPG Career Opportunities.