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Asia in Review

The new Asia in Review 

As working professionals who understand the ever-growing demand for thoughtful observations and actionable advice, we are delighted to announce the launch of a new Asia in Review (‘AiR’) platform.

In combining four separate information channels, the new AiR will develop into a unique media platform dedicated to providing foreign policy professionals, academics and the interested public with a unique and authoritative intellectual resource.

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About Asia in Review

As the world’s center of gravity is shifting towards the Indo-Pacific, keeping up to date with important events and critical trends, both in Asia and further afield, has never been more taxing, or more important.

Which is where the Asia in Review (‘AiR’) comes in.

An independent news review, AiR provides a weekly overview of strategic developments and crucial events in Constitutional Politics, Human Rights, International Relations & Geopolitics, and Security & Defense in East, Southeast and South Asia.

AiR filters out the noise to bring you the most important insights of the week, in a concise, engaging format. Our compilation includes top news, opinion, and off-the-radar stories that have the potential to develop into headline news.

AiR was initially an internal newsletter but evolved into a publicly available format that is published in cooperation with the Asian Governance Foundation.

Content that appeared in the AiR can be accessed further below.

The goal was and remains to provide a clear, straightforward, and above all, an informative and enjoyable read.



Law & Politics in South, Southeast and East Asia

Editorial Team


Mr. Henning Glaser (hg)

Regional Editors:

Dr. Duc Quang Ly (dql), Mr. Lucas Meier (lm), Dr. Nadine Drönner (nd)


Ms. Antonia Lawrenz (aml), Ms. Beatrice Siviero (bs), Mr. Danny Widiatmo (dw), Mr. Ethan Carey (ec), Ms. Katika Klinkaew (kk), Ms. Lipikar Narayaem Lindman (lnl), Ms. Lianne Tacardon (lt), Mr. Marco Stojanovik (ms), Ms. Mega Yanti (my), Ms. Natalie Smutna (ns), Ms. Prisca Mirchandani (pm), Ms. Ruchika Saini (rs), Ms. Shivani Raheja (sr), Mr. Tomwit Jarnson (tj), Mr. Thomas James Stanley Jessup (tjsj), Mr. Tommaso Lorenzoni (tl), Ms. Chun-Jou Hsiao (zh).