CPG German Language Courses


CPG offers German Language Course, the German language program specially designed to meet new learners’, students’ and professionals’ goal. With our highly qualified lecturers, DAAD, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasat University and Thailand’s leading university, you can progress in German language learning at CPG.


German Language Course at CPG, Online

  • 32 hrs. of German language class
  • 6 hrs. of seminars on Study in Germany/Scholarship/Culture
  • Access to CPG online conference
  • Free Advice for study in Germany


Schedule for Semester 2/2022


German Language Course 2/2022 Autumn

Application and Payment                               8 August – 28 August, 2022

Announcement of Successful Applicants    29 August, 2022

German Language Course for Weekday     30 August – 26 October, 2022

German Language Course for Weekend     4 September – 16 October, 2022


German Language Course 2/2022 Winter

Application and Payment                               26 September – 23 October, 2022

Announcement of Successful Applicants    25 October, 2022

German Language Course for Weekday      9 November – 29 December, 2022

German Language Course for Weekend     30 October – 11 December, 2022



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Autumn Course


A 1.1     A 1.2       A 2.2       B 1.2       B 2.1       C 1.2


A 1.1     A 1.2       A 2.2       B 1.2       B 2.1       C 1.2


Level of German Language

A 1          Beginner                    A 2          Pre-intermediate                  B 1        Intermediate                  B 2       Upper Intermediate

C 1          Advanced                  C 2          Highly Competent


Test Your German Language Level 

If you would like to evaluate your German language skills, please click here 


Course Level and Book


A 1

A 1.1  Menschen A1 Chapter 1-12

A 1.2   Menschen A1 Chapter 13-24


A 2

A 2.1  Menschen A2 Chapter 1-12

A 2.2   Menschen A2 Chapter 13-24


B 1


B 1.1  Menschen B1 Chapter 1-12

B 1.2  Menschen B1 Chapter 13-24

B 2


B 2.1  Menschen B1 Chapter 1-6

B 2.2  Menschen B1 Chapter 7-12


C 1

C 1.1  Menschen C1 Chapter 1-6

C 1.2  Menschen C1 Chapter 7-12



All CPG German language students who complete course requirements will receive CPG German Language Course Certificate.



Tuition Fee

The course fee is 2,490 THB and the course book is 990 THB (not included in the course fee).


Application and Payment

1.Apply your class in the link.

2.Transfer the tuition fee to:

Asian Governance Foundation

Kasikorn Bank, Banglumphu branch

Account no. 038-1-53178-3

3.Email to CPG office:  office@cpg-online.de. Please specify: Your Name, Your class (Weekday or Weekend)  and send transfer/deposit slip.

If you have any inquiries about the program, please contact us:  office@cpg-online.de, Tel. 02-613-2971


Online Learning Application


(The zoom link to access the class will be sent to your email)